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Top Network Monitoring Tool AthTek NetWalk is a comprehensive network monitoring tool for packet capturing and sniffing, traffic analyzing and troubleshooting.

Versions & Upgrade For Free

You can view the update history as well as the details of each update here. If you are use an old version AthTek NetWalk, you can also upgrade it to the latest version for free. We will provide the latest version permanently here for your downloading. If you would like to get the old version of AthTek NetWalk, please contact us to request the downloading link. The update details of each version are as follow:

Latest: V2.2.48, Date: Mar 12, 2012

  • Support area chart when displaying the traffic status

    AthTek NetWalk v2.2.48 has added area chart for statistics. Now you can view the traffic status from curve chart, pie chart, bar chart and the new area chart. Area chart will help you to know the bandwidth better on your network.
    Area Chart
  • Allow to monitor specified clients/subnets over the network

    AthTek NetWalk v2.2.48 allows to monitor specified clients/subnets on your network. Open the Options of AthTek NetWalk, then you will see a new tab named Site on the screen. You can add IP addresses to this settings, then you would be able to view the statistcs in Layered View. You can also add a trigger to these clients/subnets in Event Manager. i.e. the max bandwidth, then you would be able to monitor these clients/subnets with the trigger.
    partly monitoring

V2.2.42, Date: Feb 2. 2012

  • Capture up to 8GB packet

    Since v2.2.42, AthTek NetWalk supports to capture up to 8GB packet at one time. If you have ever used previous versions of AthTek NetWalk, you would know that it can only capture up to 256MB packet at one time. This means you can leave AthTek NetWalk to capture packets for a long term from your network, and that would definitely make the network analysis more authentic and comprehensive.
  • Trigger for packet capture

    In the latest version, we include time-based trigger and event-based trigger to Capture Options. Besides the previous packet filter based trigger, you can set a time-based trigger to capture packets. It enables you to set the start time and end time, and all the packets in this period will be captured. You can also set the event trigger to capture packets. It enables you to set when to start/stop capturing packets by events.
    Capture Packets

  • Add flags to show warnings

    You will see various signs in front of the items. For example, green signs stand for informational events; yellow signs stand for minor events; orange signs stand for major events; red signs stand for severe events. If you want to use AthTek NetWalk for troubleshooting, these signs will greatly help in locating the errors.

  • Add Advanced Events tab

    In Event Manager, we add a new tab named Advanced Events tab. When you are troubleshooting, this Advanced Event tab will provide new methods of correlation analysis. As the previous Statistic Events tab provides global traffic analyzing, and the Packet Events tab provides results of packet sniffing, the new Advanced Events tab provides a correlation analysis between all the hosts, addresses, ports, etc. It just focus on the event and make a comprehensive analysis for easy troubleshooting.
    Advanced Event Analysis

  • Upgrade Wireshark core program

    Upgrade Wireshark from v1.6.1 to v1.6.5

V2.1.32, Date: Dec 31, 2011

  • New release

    AthTek NetWalk has released both the Enterprise Edition and Free Home Edition on

Free Home Edition

The free home edition can only work 4 hours a day with less than 50 MB packet.

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