Resellers program

AthTek NetWalk Reseller Program

Benefit from the great software sales of AthTek NetWalk - become a reseller!

Could your clients need network monitoring and packet sniffing service? If you're interested in providing network management software solutions to your own customers, our Reseller Program is a great opportunity. Qualified resellers receive a customized version and absolute low price for each license. Also we will recommend localized customers to buy from our qualified resellers!

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Reseller Benefits

As an approved reseller, you will be able to purchase AthTek NetWalk licenses from us with low price and provide them in your client area directly. This effectively lets you offer software solutions to your customers with a very quick turnaround, giving you the ideal foundation for their business needs and your benefits. We do provide conditional rebate to our best sale reseller every year!

  • Resellers can purchase AthTek NetWalk licenses from us with low price and provide them in your client area directly, or in your company’s own service offerings.
  • Resellers can choose to completely hide the “AthTek” or even to use your own brand to your clients and their end users.
  • Resellers can make your own customizations to AthTek NetWalk and provision instances of your customized versions.
  • Resellers can pre-purchase licenses of AthTek NetWalk and provision them to your customers as needed.
  • Resellers receive an at least 20% discount on each license, while quality resellers receive 80% discount.

Eligibility & Terms

  • You must acknowledge that you agree to all the terms of our Reseller Agreement.
  • You must have a publicly-available website or offline software store or other market chanel that provides detailed information about your company and the products and services you provide. Your website or offline software store or other market chanel must provide a consistent means of contact - actual contact information (phone numbers, a physical address, etc.) is preferred.
  • You must agree to be responsible for providing technical support to your customers.
  • You must finish the payment to us within 30 days since you signed the reseller agreement.

Modern Corporations

Almost all modern corporations have intranet and run their business on networking platforms. Especially for the financial institutions, if there were only a tiny error on their network, great damage maybe befall to their business. Financial institutions need AthTek NetWalk to ensure their network security. Even there was an invisible business spyer, AthTek NetWalk can track what he has done on your network and make him visualize to the ground. There are many small businesses whose work depends on the internet. They need network monitoring and packet sniffing services more than we can imagine. AthTek NetWalk provides a full solution to these small business owners with its easy to understanded rich network traffic diagrams.


Shareware Boss
#1 Reseller: Shareware Boss
Address: Room 308, Jinshangjiang Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86 (21) 6222-9883
Client Area: China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan

#2 Reseller: waiting for you!

Network Administrators

Network administrators would love AthTek NetWalk, because they know that AthTek NetWalk will help a lot in their network management! How to guarantee the network security is the biggest problem to all the network administrators. According to a research, about 84% of business network exists security problems, about 68% of enterprises has lost a lot of money from the network security problems. If they had a network administrator tool like AthTek NetWalk, they won’t suffer from this kind of lost! Network administrator tool should take great care of the business network and make every network communication under control by network administrators.