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What you'll get

  • Lifetime Authorization

    You are allowed to use NetWalk on network monitoring, packet sniffing and traffic analysis for lifetime.
  • Free Online Support

    Once you have finished the payment, you can get free online technical support from us on how to manage your network.
  • Secure Network Environment

    NetWalk will help you to make the network environment safe and stable.
  • Extreme Packet Sniffing

    Get extremely detailed packet sniffing report from NetWalk.
  • Network Traffic Analytics

    View the real time traffic analysis report on dash board.

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Why AthTek NetWalk keeps a low price than other packet sniffers?
That is because we hope more companies could use our NetWalk with an affordable price. There are a lot of small business who highly depend on network, but they cannot afford the high prices of other packet sniffers. AthTek NetWalk is a better choice which has higher packet sniffing performance but low cost. You can view the compare of packet sniffers and network monitoring tools by clicking Compare.

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