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Free NetWalk


General info of this free monitor tool

Version: 2.2.48 released on March 12, 2012

Suitable for: home network monitoring and packet sniffing

Limitation: Less than 50MB and 4 hours' packet sniffing each day

Why do we provide this free monitor tool along with the enterprise edition?

To meet you!

Our best network monitoring tool - AthTek NetWalk is quite new than other popular packet sniffing tool such as commview, wireshark, etc. We are confident of the quality of our AthTek NetWalk, but it is too hard to persuade network administrators to take our packet sniffing solutions even with a free trial. We released this free monitor tool to reach more and more network administrators and enable them to compare AthTek NetWalk with other popular packet sniffing tools.

About this free monitor tool

This free monitor tool is almost the same with AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition except for a few limitations. You can use this free monitor tool to capture packets in less than 50MB size and 4 hours each day. Some new features won't be included into this free monitor tool until it releases the same version number with AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition. In one word, it provides a technical solution for home network monitoring, packet sniffing and traffic analyzing, but somehow overkilled to novice users.

Free Monitor Tool

Who will like this free monitor tool?

Experienced home network users and personal website owners will like this free monitor tool. Because it can help home network users to fast view their network analyzing reports and enable them to save bandwidth. Personal website owners can use this free monitor tool to test their site connections as well as to troubleshoot net errors.

See what the software editor has said this free monitor tool here.

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Free Home Edition

The free home edition can only work 4 hours a day with less than 50 MB packet.

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